Byron Fine Music
House Concerts

Paul Kimmel

Byron Fine Music mission is to bring fine Latin, African,
Indian, Gypsy and World Music from Byron and all over the planet,
to you in a quiet, respectful, cosy, homely setting - without amplification!

Byron Fine Music

House Concerts
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Pacific Hwy north to Ocean Shores -
(just after Brunswick river bridge)
Right into Rajah Road, 2nd left into Warrambool
1st Right into Goolara Court.
Take little access road to left at bottom of street,
2nd house on right.

The Sound Alchemist is crafting Sound Medicine, carried on wings of song and the healing soundscapes of his Sacred World Music. Meditation and live performance of the 'Enuma Elish' the oldest written creation account in human history, in the original Sumerian language.