Paul Lowe

So check it out.
If someone is attempting to share something with you
and you find your attention wandering, justifying, arguing, angry
and find your body and energy contracted - you are avoiding
what you need to hear about your behaviour.

Presence is our natural state. Just being. Very rare.
Most of the time we are doing – and don’t realise we are doing, and not being.
We ‘do’ to escape; to get approval; to avoid disapproval.

Paul Lowe


Seems that the True Seeker is A Very Rare Phenomenon. Here are a few ways of looking at the subject.

Most people who think they are seeking consciousness are only doing so in order to feel safe, secure and predictable.

The True Seeker
has Consciousness as their absolute unconditional priority – in every single moment – whatever is/is not happening.

One obvious symptom – they listen a lot.

People seeking safety, security and predictability – based on outside circumstances, don’t ever feel they have it – no matter how much worldly wealth and success they may have.

When you meet someone who has consciousness as their absolute unconditional priority in every single moment there is something different about them. They have an unusual presence – they are present. It is as though the moment is all there is.

When you connect with them you will find they are “there”. It is as though nothing is more or less important to them than anything else.

When they look at you, you feel seen – and accepted – just as you are.
You don’t feel as though they need anything from you.

Not only do you not feel judged, but it could be said that– you feel loved – for who you are, just as you are.

Recognise your self in any of these three types? Whatever, no worries – maybe nothing really matters– unless you think it does.

Sending love…p



We keep looking ahead - not just months,
weeks and hours, but the next moment.
Anything rather than being
just in this actual moment just as it is.

All that is needed is to make unconditional awareness your absolute priority - in every single moment. Unconditional awareness your absolute priority with every action, word, thought. Nothing, nothing is more important than being aware of the moment.

You get upset. Your priority is not the upset, but being aware of the upset. You are elated. Repeat as above. Orgasm. Repeat as above. Foot stuck in the railway line, and a train is coming. Repeat as above. In all instances, take appropriate measures, but always, always, always - awareness first.

We have assumed that there is something wrong with us and we have spent our lives attempting to put it right. In fact, there is nothing wrong; all we need do is become aware, in each moment, of the behavioral patterns with which we have covered our essential self. When we are present to each moment we are on the path to "the indescribable," to freedom.

Much of the time we feel uncomfortable and we try to escape from this experience. We escape into our addictions, into alcohol, smoking, eating, anger, relationship conflicts, or complaining. Working on ourselves can also be like a drug; it is what we do instead of being exactly who we are, feeling exactly what we feel.


Paul Lowe on BayFM Mar2008
Paul Lowe on BayFM Feb2007

I Want My Way...


Seems there are about seven billion of us on the planet at the moment, and the number is growing – each second.

It also seems that, even in subtle ways, each of us are unique. Wonderful.

Unfortunately, this uniqueness can, and often does, lead to disharmony - each one of us wanting things to be the way we want them to be. In fact, we could say that it is this wanting things to be the way we want them to be is the basis of all disharmony, conflict, and war.

Check it out.
When you are feeling discomfort, disturbed, angry, resentful, or revengeful, is it not, in some way, because things are not the way you want them to be?
With seven billion people all wanting things to be the way they want them to be – no wonder we have, and always have had, such an unstable situation on the planet.

Another aspect of this wanting things to be the way we want them to be is, we take for granted that, the way we want things to be, is the way they should be.

As a general example, lets take the situation with religious fanatics - does not each religion assumes their’s is the true/right way?

If you are not In The Zone – feeling way beyond fear, it probably means you are still caught in the unconscious habit of not being with what is, but wanting things to be your way. Understandable of course, and not realistic.

As an exercise, just imagine (once again) that the way things are for you at this moment is exactly the way they are meant to be – for your maximum potential. Get that, and you will not need that uncomfortable situation again. Ever. Neat eh.

Once again, from Shakespeare:
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. - Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

It could be that, as is said in the East, what we call reality really is Maya, illusion.

Experiment with this as if it is a reality – you are not seeing, hearing, tasting, experiencing what we are calling reality as it really is. There really is Something Else.

If survival – safety, security and predictability is your conscious or unconscious priority, you are not so likely to have the realisation that ‘Thou Art That’.

And why should you want that realisation? – Because it is much more fun! Happy Unconditional In The Moment-ing

My experience of the Sharing Retreat in Spain 2010
by Mai Lovaas

… And this brings me to Paul Lowe, who facilitated the workshop I attended three years ago. And it is impossible for me to say anything about this retreat and not bring up Paul Lowe. How I came to him and how I ended up at the 7-and 8 days workshop at Harbin Hot Springs in 2007 is another story, but it changed my life. It was something that I found that I was a total yes to, I found something that resonated so deeply, that was something I had been searching for my whole life, I found a way of being that gave such relief compared to the way I had been living.

The early years...

a reaction - but not with blame;
I see the willingness to 'own' the reaction - as energy,
as fuel for taking off to the next step, the next level...
~Devesh Komaromi



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