Reconnecting to the flow of life

Family, trauma and organizational constellation workshop
(based on Bert Hellinger's work

Ben Eyckmans: “Many years ago, when I first experienced constellation work, I felt so touched by the beauty and the depth of this practice that I undertook to learn this remarkable method for illuminating the soul, so that I might offer this work to a large variety of people. It was a method I simply had to learn, and today I continue to deepen my practice by steadily engaging persons and organizations from very different nations and cultures. Fascinated as I am by the diversity of humankind, I find that my practice has now become much more a passion than a work. With every constellation I come to recognize more profoundly the words of Bert Hellinger: ‘anerkennen was ist.’ Loosely translated: tremendous healing happens whenever we have the courage to really see and acknowledge the various layers of our reality as they actually are.”

In this workshop, we will address all kinds of personal issues including family, trauma, organizational and job related questions. Constellations will be used in combination with other methods to show deeper layers of one’s reality and to solve destructive entanglements. Through this work participants will gain new perspectives and will be able to reconnect to the flow of life. The new insights of the Hellinger Sciencia (Movements of the Spirit) will be integrated in this workshop.

A family and trauma constellation is a way for individuals to understand hidden dynamics in a safe setting. In family and trauma constellations we often work with issues such as: the pain of separation and mourning, difficulties with personal growth, the feeling of being stuck in a relationship, addictions, destructive repetitive family patterns, an inexplicable feeling of constant unhappiness, the feeling of belonging nowhere, indecisiveness, questions about life purposes, trauma issues, problems with homosexuality, depression, aggression, illness, etc.

In organizational constellations, which involve people working together, we address themes such as: problems with taking clear leadership, vague positioning of the employees, large turn-over, collective burn-out, unsolvable conflicts, career planning, and so on.

Even without bringing personal questions to the workshop, participating in a constellation workshop will bring you more insight and understanding of your own issues. The workshop is open for all those who are looking for insight into a hidden dimension of their life.
Trainers, therapists, leaders and constellators with supervision questions are also very welcome.

The method

The constellation work is a dramatic method based on 3 systemic orders present in every family. These orders are often hidden. Disturbances of these orders are called entanglements and can be the systemic cause of personal and organizational problems. Such hidden patterns may have been operative for several generations.

A constellation is a powerful method to help you recognize difficult entanglements and solve them with the help of representatives. Solution-oriented interventions bring understanding, which is followed by a deep relaxation that allows love to flow again between members of the (family) system. The best way to understand the power of this method is by experiencing it as a client, a representative or as an observer.


The host of this workshop is Ben Eyckmans (1960), Flemish, who lives in Leuven, Belgium. He works as a trainer, coach, psychotherapist, Path of Love counselor and supervisor with over 10 years of experience in constellation work.

“Through my personal experience I learned that pain and crisis can be transformed into a tremendous power if we have the courage to honestly face our issues. I am convinced that this power mobilizes the growth potential of all human beings. This conviction offers me a very deep drive in my work as a therapist, trainer, constellator and supervisor”.

Ben Eyckmans is a respectful, mindful and compassionate guide through the process. He uses his own unique and deeply integrated style, influenced by the most important therapeutic schools. He will also provide individual sessions if desired.

Studies and training: social science, relation and communication science, client centered psychotherapy, group therapy, psychodrama, body centered psychotherapy, tantra, systemic science, family and organizational constellations at the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands, Peter Levine’s trauma work, Hellinger Sciencia at the Hellinger Schule in Germany.

For the last 10 years he has attended intensive trainings by Bert Hellinger, C. Essen, G. Weber, M. Franke, D. Van Kampenhout, B. Ulsamer, C. Grochowiac, A. Mahr, M. Varga von Kibed and I.Sparrer, Hunter Beaumont, amongst others.

He is co-founder of the “Pad van de Passie” (Path of the Passion), an institute and movement for spiritual growth.

He runs workshops in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the US, India and Australia.

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