1946 - 2021

So simple. So simple.

I was shown.
There was no choosing.
My mind did not revolt.
I saw, I understood, I knew.
I had never chosen.
All of my seeming choices were helpless.
Choicelessly I saw that there is no choosing.
Believing died and I knew.
I did not disbelieve.
I could not choose to believe.
I could not choose to disbelieve.
Believing and disbelieving became impossible.
I was shown, I saw, and I knew.


It is not personal. Demons are there just to test you.

At some point, the actual state of affairs looms large.
Fear is a pack of hungry hyenas.
The person seems to have a choice regarding its identity.
That you are, seems easy enough to accept,
but what you are, is harder to grapple with.

The "choice" is between
identifying with the personal description,
or identifying with reality itself.
Read that again.

Consider how the person is constructed and maintained.
Consider what powers and forces are responsible for this.
Consider what is true finally.
You "do" this with the mind, and for yourself, or for everything.

You must really and seriously want to know,
at any cost, ultimately, finally.
Who wants? Who knows?


The witness cannot be reduced to an object.
The Absolute is not subjective - it is THE subject.
You ARE the Absolute.


Perfection is stained by the appearance
of the usual personal world typified by
contradictions and limitation.

The world is an illusion or an overlay,
and therefore it is not perfectable
as a substitute for the underlying reality.
Your focus is wrong.
There are no answers out there.

The "out there" is a personal creation.
Follow the personal to its source and
find no world is real in itself.
Don't be frightened. Fight for life.


I'm sure that many people think
freedom means doing whatever they want to do.
Is freedom really that gullible?
The personal mind always rejects what is given,
and tries to secure what it wants
through individual activity.

Rejection can be very smart,
and it can also be extremely stupid.
What else would you like to reject today?


The person can begin to suspect
that they don't really choose or act.
What is realized finally is not the absence
of an illusion such as choice,
but one's independence, freedom, authenticity, being.
Illusions are exposed, or vanish, rather than being realized.
Once an illusion is uncovered it no longer exists,
because it was never true.
What is to be realized however, is always true.
What is realized is liberating, noble, glorious.
This is what one is meant to be, because it is what one is.

is part of a realization of infinite potential, perfect being.
Enormous self-regard that "grows" to universality
as its expression of inherent being and power.

You do know, but your knowledge is obscured by confusion.
Knowledge is inherent and not to be accumulated.
Knowledge is your nature. Not an addition.


Truly breaking the rules is not a deliberate act.
It is action radiating from a powerful source.
Like light from a lamp.
No effort. Steady. Easy. Unstoppable really.

There is something to know.
Something powerful.
Something liberating.
Naturally affirming.
It is everywhere.
As a mere idea it is worthless.
It is more brave than that.
You are that.


When your fundamental nature
is not divided, there is no
choosing, nor is there acting
in the personal sense.
You see - choicelessly.
You know - choicelessly.
You "act" - choicelessly.
You "give reality" - choicelessly.

The "you" is not the person.

A tree "acts" as a tree without
personal involvement.
All things "act" by being what they are.
The quality of this "acting" is
entirely different than what people
consider to be acting/choosing/refusing.

Impersonal, blissful, intelligent.

So that is it.


Turn, turn, turn

Very early hours of the morning is
a good time to consider this.
It is too simple for the waking mind.
This is NOT a dogma meant to be
either believed or disbelieved.
Pay attention. A step at a time.
You must really see this for it to work,
it has to become evident.
Not a dogma, a clear understanding.
Anything less is a "failure".


You are pure consciousness,
not a body or a person
or the body's history.

Now pure consciousness is not an agent.
It has no needs, plans, urges, form,
limitations, history, past, or future.
It does not act from any sense of limitation or lack.
It does not act at all. So you do not act at all.

Pure consciousness provides the ground
for all experience without selfish motive.
It has no motives, unless it has all motives.
The immense expanse of consciousness
is the same as freedom. So you are free.

Pure consciousness cannot be traced to
any cause or beginning. So you are eternal.

Pure consciousness is identical with reality,
the present, the truth. So you are reality,
and the truth, here and now.


If all the preceding just disappeared
at some point you are beginning to know.

If you do not need to read it again
then you may know enough already.

If you have the idea that you are pure consciousness,
or you think it is an option, then you have not understood
anything at all.



The text is there. Who knows if it works or not?

The best way to hide something
is to place it in plain sight
but very, very close.
In that way revelation and
concealment are identical.

If the screen is so large that
you cannot see the edges of the
screen, you may fail to see
that it is a screen at all, and
focus on the pictures only.

In this case as always, only the
screen is real, and the screen
is invisible once the pictures
are projected onto it.


Infinite potential. All that is needed
is to take The Infinite infinitely seriously.
The alternative is merely ignorance.

No creation or creator is needed or even
possible for the permanent and unchangeable.


I am That

You are that. There is no void apart from you.
There are no others - but care for them anyway.


You may say "I cannot see it."
You may ask "What can I do?"
You may say "I need to understand it."
You may ask "Can it work?"

You still want a "way" to follow?
Here it is. What you can "do."
If your ears are closed my lips are sealed.

You must trust that you are
pathologically connected to
your history. That is the situation,
otherwise you will not want a "way"
or a thing to "do." You will not
seek to "do" something.
You must also trust that this
connectedness is not the same as
remembering that history you take
to be your defining experience.
Your mind will tell you that it is
the same as simple recall, but
it is not the same.

Here is the functional schema.
Here is the "thing to do" that
you wanted. There is no method
but you will find a method.

Here is what will happen:-
You will understand that you stand
apart from what you believed your
personal history was. You will cease
to reside in time. The personal
history may become very sharp at
times and disappear at others.
In any case it is no longer intimate,
nor does it describe you any more.
This is no mere idea. It is not an effort.

You now stand on your own beingness
without any need for definition.
Time is not like it was.

The point of this?
You will find out because this is
what you are working toward.

It is about time, timelessness,
history, being, actuality, reality,
freedom, potential.

Freedom is more about potential
than a sense of escape from something,
because there is no prison.
Also timelessness is more like an effort
is not being exerted any longer, but
that effort is not seen or possible.

This is an imperfect and preliminary
description of the difference between
the standard way of being and the stark
actuality of being that is direct.
Somehow the fact of this could become a
"method" with more contemplation.

Obviously, if the person wishes to
continue with its usual condition,
then no "method" or exposition
will be sought.

But you will change back to yourself.

The world is an illusion, and
it exists for you only.
It is not permanent, and it
does not serve your needs.
You do not live in the world,
for it exists in you.
You are not a person and
there are no others.
If you are receptive, this is
all you need to be told.

Ask yourself this:
"Who or what am I?"
If the "answer" is not direct
and intuitive, refuse it.
If you are not serious, you
will just carry-on as usual -
for a while. Reality is not
suitable for you.

Here is a quote for the serious:
"The Self is patient, but
it will not wait forever.
Nor does it have a commitment
to non-violence."


Time is an illusion,
and clearly anything that takes
time is also an illusion.

Fear is the memory of pain.
Pain signals the threat of death.
Realisation of one's utter independence
from the appearances of the perishable,
is the real liberation from fear.

It is simple to know what you need to know,
but it cannot be forced.

It might be useful to be told that
the way things seem to you is a silly
set of misperceptions and clumsy
ideas. It need not be that way.
Mental laziness does not help.

You are not what you take yourself to be.
The world is not what it seems to be.

Ponder this long and deeply.
Leave no stone unturned.



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