Optical illusions reveal how rapidly our perceptions can change as the result of a shift in perspective.


Projections are mostly unconscious attribution of our own feelings and behaviour to others.



Rationalisation is a mostly unconscious attempt to explain away or justify an actual behaviour, attitude, action, or experience with theoretical, seemingly logical reasons. It is an attempt to reduce disturbing or embarrassing sensations or consequences.



Pain and pleasure are there to guide us. One side of needing to be responsible is the implied social expectation, fear of potential blame, guilt and loss. Then there is spontaneous love in action.



The refusal to accept or comply with a given situation or expectation is resistance. Importantly resistance can be subtle. We can be in a state of resistance and not even know it.



Spiritual surrender is an act of clarity and courage. It is expanding beyond our personal identity into a greater presence.



Trust implies a sense of safety. It is a belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Trust enables one to take a step, to make a move. It can take some reflection to feel what is in the way of one's trust.



When desires, fears and attachments loosen their grip the Absolute comes into view.

   "Later, when the eternity consciousness continued into the following days, weeks, months, and years, my bewilderment was intensified as I discovered how all kinds of negative human experiences became marvels of creation when experienced by the Dazzling Dark.

However, perhaps the most extraordinary feature of eternity consciousness is that it doesn't feel extraordinary at all. It feels quintessentially natural: the realization that I never really left home and never could."

The Dazzling Dark by John Wren-Lewis


The Art of Constellation