20,000 Cows Vegetarian House

58 Bridge Street, North Lismore NSW

Ph: 02 6622 2517

20,000 cows restaurant

Open Wednesday - Saturday, 6pm-10pm

The restaurant exists as a proclaimed sanctuary,
operating as a philosophically based business
with a 'suggested prices only' menu.

The vegetarian theme, although a sincerely practiced discipline
importantly links to deeper life issues,
hopefully reawakening social awareness and healing
in the use of all forms of 'death for convenience'
and the infliction of misery on all sentient life,
especially where it applies to humanity from conception onwards.

We embark in futility to save the earth,
without first learning to love each other.

Previously located and named as (in reverse chronological order):
20,000 Cows Vegetarian Ashram (Lismore NSW)
20,000 Cows Vegetarian Cafe (Lismore & Byron Bay)
WOLF & LAMB (Lismore)
GOOD FRIDAY (Mildura Victoria)
VEGAN EYRIE (Melbourne Victoria)


Marijonas, The Master

Haven On Earth Project