The Village of Tyalgum

Northern Rivers Region of NSW, Australia

Northern Rivers

Set close to the rim of the world's largest extinct shield volcano Tyalgum Village
is located a scenically beautiful 30 minute drive from the centre of Murwillumbah
on the far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.


Tyalgum Music Festival

Tyalgum Music Festival

Although seemingly an odd place to stage a now internationally famous
annual festival of Classical Music, the Tyalgum Music Festival started in 1991
after concert violinists Carmel Kaine and John Willison fell under the
acoustic spell of the Tyalgum Hall. The Festival has been held annually
in September ever since, with numerous artists ranking the 1908 Hall
alongside some of the best concert venues in the world.


Flutterbies Cottage Cafe

Housed in the historical bakery building founded in 1927,
the lovely ladies of Flutterbies have a warm welcome
and big smile ready for all. Whether to pore over the range of gifts
in the Victorian style gift shoppe, to relax in the peaceful courtyard
over coffee and home-made cake, choose something for the garden
from their charming nursery or indulge in one of their famous
home-made pies for lunch, Flutterbies can be a quick visit or a
longer indulgence depending on your mood.The delicious home-made
rose water lemonade is a definite "must try" on your visit though.

Currently Flutterbies is open from
Wednesdays to Sundays from 10am to 5pm,

but "special event" dinners will be coming soon.
Phone (02) 6679 3221 for more information.

Once refreshed at Flutterbies, take a stroll down Coolman Street
to peruse the local handy-craft shop or take a photo
of the original school house, built in the 1920s and still going strong.

Flutterbies Cottage Cafe - Tyalgum

Celestial Dew - Day Spa & Wellness Retreat

Celestial Dew