Sufi Study Group
Sufi Zikr and Dances

Friday 26th February we will be holding Sufi Zikr and Dances at Majari's place 510 Goonengerry Road, Montecollum at 7pm.

The place has a For Sale sign on it, next road past Monet Drive.
Donations are welcome and if you wish to bring some supper
to share at about 8.30pm that would be good.
Please RSVP if you intend to come.

Anna Parker
47 Station St., Mullumbimby NSW 2482
0409 224 286

To Sufis Zikr is seen as a way to gain spiritual enlightenment and achieve union (visal) or total surrender (fana) in the Ineffable.

  Rumi's words have an almost magical ability to speak directly to the heart of people of all races and faiths. His passionate, wise and beautiful words still have a remarkable ability to touch contemporary audiences - firing the imagination and nourishing the heart.

  Called 'Jelaluddin Balkhi' by the Persians and Afghans, Rumi was born on September 30, 1207 to a learned family in Balkh, Afghanistan. By age 24, his mastery of mathematics, law, philosophy and astronomy allowed him to take over his father's position as leading Sheikh in the Sufi learning community in Konya.

  Rumi was a philosopher and mystic within the Islamic tradition, but was not an orthodox Muslim. His doctrine was one of unlimited tolerance, positive reasoning, goodness, charity and awareness through love.


47 Station St., Mullumbimby NSW 2482
Ph: 0409 224 286

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