Fire Dragon Sutras

From the False to the Real

A weekend with INDIVAR

20 - 21 August

Mcleans Ridges, New South Wales, Australia


Ashrams, Communes and Monasteries

"Birth and death happen in something which isn't born and doesn't die."

Indivar (B.Sc. Cl.Psych), a uniquely gifted healer and teacher, has been sharing his skill, wisdom and perception with people for over 40 years. His persistence with the notion that awareness/meditation is something that can be applied to every aspect of everyday life has transformed many.

"Consciousness doesn't care whether it lives or dies. 
What is it in me which wants to live?"

Existence never defends Itself
The ego always defends Itself


* Your behaviour arises out of automatic reactions.
* You are not born with these reactions.
* These reactions have been learned: thus they can be unlearned.
* You are always the source of these reactions.
* To bring about change, you must not try to change these reactions -- just
   see them clearly.
* Change comes naturally by creating a gap between you and the reaction.
   The gap arises when your awareness is totally present with your reaction --
   whatever you can watch is not you.
* Your everyday problems and reactions become the stepping stones of
   awareness: a conscious response arises from this awareness.