Drill Hall Theatre
Old Drill Hall, Jubilee Ave Mullumbimby
Theatre Manager: Jill Benham
02 66841439

Mullumbimby Drill Hall Theatre Company

Free Acting Workshops for adult actors of all levels of experience.
For the sixth year the Drill Hall Theatre Company Artistic Director, Mike Russo, will hold free-to-members acting workshops, on Monday evenings.
Mullumbimby Travelling Flicks - Drill Hall Theatre
The workshops are conducted in a friendly, co-operative environment where creativity and fun are encouraged. No previous experience is necessary. For further information contact Mike at drillhalltheatre@gmail.com

Drill Hall Mullumbimby

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Cape Byron

Playback Theatre

Old Drill Hall, Jubilee Ave Mullumbimby
Contact: Lisa 0403 023 693 or cbplayback@gmail.com
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Playback Theatre

Spontaneous, improvised theatre.
Next Playback performance
Saturday, 5th December - 7.30pm

Byron Playback Theatre

Mullumbimby Cape Byron Playback Theatre Company
is going strong after a decade of providing a forum for people to reflect on and witness the stories that connect us, that move us, that make us laugh and that inspire us.

Where do you love? Where do you live? Are heart and place the same thing? Attention to place brings depth and meaning to our lives, and provides an opportunity for the heart to open and create. At the same time, our heartfelt experiences are often strongly linked to a sense of place.

When we put our heart into something, what happens? Is there somewhere in your life where heart and place meet? Join us in sharing your stories and witness them as they are played back by the actors and musicians through improvised movement, voice and music. Playback performance is a theatrical reflection of a story told.

There is no set script, audience members are invited to tell stories, moments, tragedies or dreams from their lives. Actors play the different roles and the story is recreated with acting, music, vocalisation and movement.

Playback breaks down the barrier between actors and audience. It is truly malleable and spontaneous theatre, with the skill of the actors and musicians facilitating a unique theatre experience not possible in conventional, more formal theatre.

It was created by American psychodramatist Jonathan Fox, who developed the idea of a spontaneous theatre that reflected back to a gathered audience their view of the world as they experienced it.

In a Playback Theatre event someone in the audience tells a story from their life, chooses actors to play the different roles, then watches as their story is given artistic shape and coherence.

The telling and acting of these stories becomes a conversation that enables a community to get to know itself better.




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